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Here at Select Italy we're already looking past Christmas to our favorite holiday – Lent. Well, we don't so much like Lent as the days right before it and for the first time, Select Italy is offering a package deal for travelers to explore the historical home of the world-wide Carnival celebration. More than just accommodations and museums, we invite people to participate in Carnevale's culture, music and dance. We even give them a traditional Carnevale mask so that no one knows that they're a tourist.

Venice's Carnevale is an event not to be missed. What with all the apocalyptic talk of global warming and the flooding of coastal cities these days you'd think Venetians would be a little more scared. They experience the infamous "acqua alta" that floods the Piazza San Marco and low-lying parts of the city more than ever these days. But Carnevale goes on, just as exciting and beautiful as it ever was – full of parties, music, dances and pageantry.

Travelers shouldn’t wait to experience this unique festival and this year Select Italy is offering multiple night Vacation Packages to attend Venice’s extravagant pre-lent fête. The trip offers customizable packages for any number of days beginning January 25th and ending on Mardi Gras, February 5th. Basic arrangements include 3 nights accommodations in a charming hotel located near Saint Mark’s square, rental of Carnival costumes, a guided walk through Venice, a Gondola parade followed by dinner, and a traditional Venetian souvenir mask that you keep as a memento of your time in the famous “Island City”.

Select Italy's President Andrea Sertoli says "Carnevale is one of Italy's most breathtaking sights. Venice is already a city whose ties to the past seem more strong than its ties to the present and the city is never more timeless and enchanting than during the celebration."

Packages are based on double occupancy and are priced from $1,377.00 per person. Along with the basic vacation package, Select Italy offers a variety of additional features and upgrades, allowing travelers to customize their Carnival experience as they see fit. Add-ons include: extra hotel nights, deluxe costume upgrades, invitation-only Dinner & Dance parties, canal-view hotel upgrades, Baroque music concerts, and more.

For more information on our carnival package and Select Italy’s travel services to Venice call David Wechsler at 800-877-1755 or visit for more information.
About Select Italy

Select Italy is an award-winning travel agency founded in 1997 specializing in Italian travel experiences. Select Italy offers a wide array of products and services – customized itineraries, vacation packages, museum reservations, tickets to opera & cultural events, private guided services, transportation, accommodations and more. All of these are available for purchase online at

"...Italy remains an unmatched destination with the warmth of its people, its heritage and its sheer physical beauty. With our specialized knowledge and inside information behind every travel plan we make, our clients enjoy everything Italy has to offer..."

Company President Andrea Sertoli

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