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Consumer Traveler Today: April 25


Consumer Traveler Today: A $387 bill for a cracked windshield? You’ve gotta be kidding
A $387 bill for a cracked windshield? You’ve gotta be kidding
Posted: 23 Apr 2010 07:30 AM PDT
Debbie Vinton saw a star on her recent vacation in Los Angeles, but it isn’t the kind that you’d want an autograph from. Instead, her car rental company asked to sign a form agreeing to cover the damage for a cracked windshield “star” on her front windshield. It’s a decision she now regrets.

Waitlisted for a post-volcano flight? You may have more hope than you think
Posted: 23 Apr 2010 06:30 AM PDT
No doubt, this is not the world's easiest time to be standing by for a flight, or to be on a waitlist, but as with many situations, things may not be as desperate as they sound.

Iceland should be Greenland
Posted: 24 Apr 2010 07:00 AM PDT
On this weekend following the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and a week-plus of Iceland being at the forefront of the news, let’s combine the two and talk about the island being a very “green” vacation spot.

What we’re watching: SF streetcars a la 1906, a fable for fleas, train that never stops
Posted: 24 Apr 2010 06:30 AM PDT
A 1906 video of San Francisco's Market Street, a fable for fleas, a Chinese train concept that never stops


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