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How to Vacation Responsibly


Trusted Adventures Alliance Sets Bar for Respectful Travel ˆ Offers Tips on How to Vacation Responsibly
Coeur d'Alene, ID, April 27, 2010 ˜ In the belief that worldwide tourism can help eliminate barriers between peoples, the eight member companies of Trusted Adventures are setting a constantly higher bar by encouraging their staffs and guests alike to be ambassadors of goodwill wherever they go.
„At Trusted Adventures traveling sustainably and responsibly is intrinsic to the organization‚s DNA,‰ said Brad Moss, executive director of Trusted Adventures
How can travelers make a positive difference in the places they visit?
Moss said a good place to start is by leaving some baggage ˆ like preconceptions of the world -- at home.
„Our companies believe that to be a good traveler, what you leave behind is as important as what you bring along,‰ said Moss. „However we also feel responsibility to help educate our travelers in ways they can show respect for the host country, its cultural and natural resources. Long before we step out of the plane or tour van we encourage our guests to have read and become informed about the destination, its unique story, people, cultural diversity and fragile natural resources.‰ He said that extensive reading lists and helpful website links are essential components of all pre-departure packets.
Once at the destination, listening to and observing tour guides can help guests learn basic greetings such as how to say „please‰ and „thank you‰ or how to bargain for keepsakes in a fair and considerate way,‰ said Moss. „Many of our trips utilize local, homegrown guides who are anxious to help you embrace cultural traditions and learn the taboos of their host country. Our ultimate goal is to return home from a trip with newfound knowledge and appreciation of a land and its people and to, in some small way, leave a positive impact by our presence.‰
Following are Trusted Adventures tips on how to travel responsibly:
Travel in a constant state of awareness, acceptance and respect
Learn helpful phrases in the local language and speak in native tongue whenever possible
Read and be informed about the destination in advance
Respect local guidelines, regulations, customs and taboos and abide by directions of local guides
Support local artisans, businesses and communities financially and socially
Ask questions, listen well and observe
Protect flora, fauna and landscapes
Respect traditions, religions and heritages
Conserve natural resources ˆ from home and office to destination
Minimize your footprint when it comes to noise, waste disposal, recycling and consumption
Leave a positive impact by your presence
Smile openly and often
More information for travelers can be found on the alliance website: ( Trusted Adventures also recommends reviewing the Ethical Traveler‚s 13 Tips for the Accidental Ambassador
About Trusted Adventures
Recognized worldwide for uncompromising quality, exceptional guest care and sustainable travel ethics, the Trusted Adventures alliance is a partnership of eight distinguished, award-winning companies; Austin-Lehman Adventures, Wildland Adventures, Western River Expeditions, Myths and Mountains, The Wayfarers, ROW Adventures, Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations and American Safari Cruises.  United under a common mission to provide authentic, transformational travel experiences, Trusted Adventures offers the world‚s finest collection of active vacations showcased online in a richly textured, easy to use website: See
The alliance helps individuals, families and groups find active walking, rafting, cycling, cruising and trekking trips throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. With a Trusted Adventures company you travel with the experts on carefully crafted itineraries designed to enrich your experience while preserving our planet and its cultural heritage.
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