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2-for-1 Specials For Explorations of Galapagos


AdventureSmith Announces 2-for-1 and Run-of-Boat Specials For Explorations of Galapagos
Tahoe City, CA, May 25, 2010 ˆ The active travel company that secures matches between adventure-seeking clients and a treasure trove of small, expedition ships announces two better-bang-for-bucks offers in the Galapagos. The first is a two-for-the-price-of-one in a shared cabin; and the second is a run-of-boat special at a reduced rate when the client selects a departure date but agrees that the vessel assignment can be made on the basis of available cabins at time of boarding.
„People embarking on a search for a small ship adventure cruise that fits their pocketbooks, touring interests and on-board requirements may be best served by securing a cruise vacation through an unbiased resource such as a booking agent, rather than direct through a cruise company itself,‰ said Todd Smith, founder and the „Smith‰ in AdventureSmith Explorations that is running these two promotions (
The two-for-one Galapagos Evolution Cruise applies for the Dec. 2-12, 2010 departure in specified cabins and the Dec. 9-19, 2010 departure for all cabins. This program that waives the second fare can save between $4,395 and $5,695. For details please see:
Evolution Itinerary:
The two-for-one Galapagos Grace Cruise applies for the Aug. 19-29, 2010 departure in specified cabins, the Sept. 2-12 departure for all cabins, the Sept. 23-Oct 3 departure in specified cabins and the Dec. 2-12, 2010 departure for specified cabins. This program that waives the second fare can save between $5,195 and $5,945. For details please see:
Grace Itinerary:
The Galapagos Run of the Boat Special aboard the Grace or Evolution can save between $1,250 and $2,950 per person, depending on cabin category. For details please see:
Grace Itinerary:
To book, email: or call AdventureSmith Explorations at 800-728-2875 toll-free or 530-583-1775.
About AdventureSmith Explorations
AdventureSmith Explorations is the global leader in small ship, adventure cruise vacations. Company founder Todd Smith helped pioneer the concept of wilderness cruising that combines the comforts of a small cruise ship with the adventure of sea kayaking, hiking and exploring remote wilderness areas ashore. The company matches guests with the top names in small ship cruising as well with intimate, boutique ships that may not make the radar of most travelers.
In moving through exotic natural environments and exploring vibrant native cultures seldom associated with more mainstream cruise itineraries, AdventureSmith Explorations dedicates its efforts to small footprint, sustainable travel and has launched a carbon free cruising initiative. Its off-the-beaten-path destinations include Alaska, Baja, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador and the Galapagos, Peru, the Arctic, Antarctica and Australia.
The company's mission is to give back to the individuals, communities and environments touched by AdventureSmith Explorations trips by connecting travelers with a network of grassroots and global nonprofit partners worldwide including the Alaska Natural History Association, Neotropica Foundation and Galapagos Conservancy. The company was named by National Geographic Adventure as one of „The Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth‰ and is the recipient of Conde Nast Traveler‚s prestigious „World Savers Award.‰
Founded in 2003, AdventureSmith Explorations is based in Tahoe City, California along the western shore of Lake Tahoe.  Phone: 800-728-2875 toll-free or 530-583-1775; Email: Visit:
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