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Consumer Traveler Today: Sept 26



Consumer Traveler Today: Photos: Vineyards of Santorini 

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Photos: Vineyards of Santorini

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 02:48 PM PDT

Greece may be the cradle of winemaking. As long as 6,500 years ago wine here was an important part of life, of the economy, of Mediterranean trade. We don't tend to think of Greece as a wine country, but it may be the mother country of wine in the Mediterranean world. Greek colonies spread to Italy, France and Spain and everywhere they went they planted vines that would thrive.

Weekend what we’re reading: DaVinci’s Ornithopter flies! Holiday airfare twist, UA fined for following regs

Posted: 25 Sep 2010 01:40 PM PDT

Leonardo DaVinci's birdlike ornithopter flies! Holiday airfare twist with low cost carriers charging more than legacy guys, UA fined for following regs but wasting DOT's time