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Lodge-Based Diving in the Galapagos H


 Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges Promotes Land-Based Diving Over Live-Aboard


Ten Reasons Why Lodge-Based Diving in the Galapagos

Has Advantages Over Live-Aboard Dive Boat Option


QUITO, ECUADOR, Nov. 10, 2010 ˆ Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges, the leading hospitality company in the islands, wants prospective scuba divers to consider the options before taking the plunge.


Diving in the Galapagos is highly controlled and limited to just two options; one can book a weeklong package on a dive boat, or „live-aboard‰ as it is called, or one can arrange a multi-island resort stay and take daily dive excursions tailored to individual ability and desires.


„For quite some time, live-aboard diving was the only way to experience the vast undersea world of the Galapagos,‰ explained Hernan Rodas, visionary founder and owner of Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges. „Many avid divers stayed away from the islands because they did not want to spend a week stuck on a boat.‰


Rodas said that his company began offering multi-island lodge-based diving in June 2009 and became a PADI certified resort operation in March 2010 (PADI stands for theProfessional Association of Diving Instructors).  Aside from their own lodge guests, Red Mangrove‚s dive center services day divers from Celebrity Cruises, Haugen Cruises and Galapagos Galaxy.


Typically, divers who arrange their scuba experience through Red Mangrove will choose from a variety of multi-island dive packages of varying length designed for beginner to expert.  Over 45 separate dive sites are accessible off of four different islands, geared to interest and ability.


Being a PADI certified operation Red Mangrove also has the ability to offer classroom and open water training and certification as well as a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) course designed as an introduction to scuba diving. In a matter of a few hours most anyone can see what it is like to breath underwater and become familiar with scuba equipment without going through the full certification process.


This is one of the advantages listed by the staff of Red Mangrove in their Top 10 Reasons to Book a Land-Based Dive Package Over a Galapagos Live-Aboard:


1). Land-based can offer more land excursions, wildlife viewing, and alternative multi-sport activities than a live-aboard.

2). Land-based appeals to a broader spectrum of divers, beginner to expert. It is not just for the „hard core‰ diver. There are ample dive sites perfect for the novice or occasional diver that will also interest most experts.

3). Land-based is perfect for groups and families with both divers and non-divers in the mix. There are numerous options for non-dive guests. This is not possible on a live-aboard.

4). Land based gives one the opportunity to do additional training while you dive with a PADI instructor. Beginning divers may get their Open Water Certification and seasoned divers may obtain their Advanced Certification and Specialty Certifications such as Underwater Photography.

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