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TRO TravelGram - Jan 27



Thursday, January 27
The Land of the Labradors
John Homans follows the trail on the Dukes of Buccleuch's estates in Scotland... Conde Nast Traveler

12 reasons to visit Tokyo in 2011
Ultra-green cars, video game booth babes and the world's newest gigantic supertower ... CNN

What's the best overall Caribbean destination?
It's Puerto Rico, according to Caribbean Travel + Life's "Best of the Caribbean" Readers' Choice Awards... USA Today

Ten places you never thought you could afford
With the arrival of 2011, you may be dreaming of a big, once-in-a-lifetime trip, but are concerned about how to pay for it... USA Today

'Acapulco is both heaven and hell'
Celebrities put Acapulco on the map as the once-isolated fishing outpost morphed into the granddaddy of Mexican tourist destinations... USA Today

Tours and Activities
Waves' siren song lures riders to Calif. surf spot
The cold water and stories-high waves at the treacherous surf break called Mavericks in Northern California have made it a Mt. Everest-like conquest for some surfers... Yahoo Travel News

At Resorts, Spas Just for the Kids
Spas at huge winter resorts are nothing new... New York Times

Exploring Ancient Czech Legends in Prague
Interactive exhibitions for children are a rarity in Prague, so it was with great relish that a group of boys and girls took a recent run around the National Museum with a taxidermic boar on their backs... New York Times

Vietnams own great wall uncovered
Nestled in the mountain foothills of a remote province in central Vietnam, one of the country's most important archaeological discoveries in a century has recently come to light... CNN

10 new sailing playgrounds
Superyacht cruising is opening up beyond the usual hubs with marina facilities being developed and upgraded around the world... CNN

Some Work, All Play: Become a Crewmember for the Day on Costa Cruises
In the coming months, passengers on four Costa cruises will be able to get a different perspective of life on-board -- as a crew member...

Wave season: Most popular time to book a cruise
River cruising is finding its niche as an alternative to mainstream cruises and megaships... Yahoo Travel News

New Crystal Cruises tour to explore Seattle's 'underground city'
Crystal Cruises is out with another unusual shore excursion: A tour of the so-called "underground city" of Seattle... USA Today

Fight back when your flight is canceled 
Weather problems may be unavoidable, but service issues are not ...

'Credit only' policy angers JetBlue passenger 
Plane diverted after man becomes unruly, threatens to 'take this plane down' ...

Color-coded threat system to be replaced in April
The much-maligned, color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System is about to be consigned to the proverbial dustbin of history... CNN

Snow rolling from southern Appalachians to Boston; flights canceled
A quick-hitting Northeast snowstorm that began coating the nation's capital Wednesday has forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights for travelers in New England and the Eastern Seaboard... CNN

The Big Six: Luxury desert camps
Luxury lodging in the desert... The Independent

The Goring: a hotel with a royal pedigree
The Goring Hotel is expected to host royal wedding guests...Telegraph (London)

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