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Trinidad & Tobago Connection:



Trinidad & Tobago


A Passion for Trinidad
For a brief period each year - during Carnival - the world's eyes are on Trinidad. The music, costumes and revelers get our full attention. Then, when the costumes are packed away and life returns to its normal pace on the island, we turn our focus to other destinations as possible getaways for a Caribbean vacation. This is a big mistake, since multicultural Trinidad has much to offer throughout A Passion For Trinidad

TobagoBeyond the Birds & Beaches of Tobago
Most visitors to Tobago will have one of two things on their mind; hitting the beaches and dive sites of the island, or roaming the unspoiled countryside seeking a glimpse of the island's 200 species of birds. If your clients are going to be on the island for more than a few days, let them know about Tobago's cultural and historical attractions. They'll appreciate the option to implement a change-of-pace if need be, and move beyond the B&B (beaches & birds) Tobago experience. A Passion For Trinidad

Agent Story

Tellin' it Like it Is:
Allison Mason was born in Port of Spain, and spent her first 25 years living on Trinidad and visiting Tobago. She's currently the marketing and public relations manager for NYC-based Travel Span Vacations, and a frequent return visitor to the islands. A Passion For Trinidad



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