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Presenting May 2011 Recce



May 2011

I am extremely pleased to present the May issue of Recce: Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler. 
This month in Roundtable, the Atlantic's Moscow-based correspondent, Jeffrey Tayler, describes the historical and cultural riches and revelations he discovered on his first visit to Cusco, in Peru's Sacred Valley.
In Soundings, we talk with Buddhist scholar Shantum Seth about his journeys -- personal and professional -- in the footsteps of the Buddha. In Brilliant Books, we present an excerpt from "Radio Shangri-La," Lisa Napoli's delightful memoir of expat life in Bhutan. And in Fresh from the Field, we showcase a vivid portfolio of images of little-visited Eastern Turkey, from the exquisite work of photographer Jon Arnold.
Finally, in Illuminations, I take a journey around the world through my journals -- and realize all over again why travel is such a precious part of my life.
You can click on any of the links below to read these. I hope you'll enjoy this issue. I'd appreciate any feedback you want to send my way.
With all best wishes,
Don George
Editor in Chief
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When wanderlust blooms on a spring day, Don George takes a journey around the globe -- through his journals.  What he finds in those tattered, battered, well-wandered  pages reminds him how travel and love are inextricably intertwined.


The Atlantic's Moscow-based correspondent wasn't looking forward to his visit to the tourist Mecca of Cusco. Then he set out to explore the city -- and discovered a place and a culture that transformed all his preconceptions.

Shantum Seth is a traveler, a teacher, and a philosopher renowned for his insightful tours of India. In this conversation he reveals how he got into the travel business, and how his work as a guide enriches and propels his own spiritual journey.  

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