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The following information is provided by the travel supplier or its public relations representative. The Traveler's Journal can accept no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any material in this section., Launches 24/7 Emergency Help Desk at JFK Airport


New York City, January 7, 2008ó, the countryís leading expediter of U.S. passports and foreign visas, today launched a 24-hour/7-day emergency help service at the Hotel Desk on the Ground Floor of Terminal 4 at New Yorkís John F. Kennedy International Airport.  No longer will vacations and business trips be cancelled because a passport has expired, is missing a required visa or hasnít enough empty pages.


This new service of New York City-based will handle last-minute emergencies and rescue panic-stricken travelers right at the airport.  David J. Alwadish, CEO of, offers the following scenario as an example: ďIf a traveler is turned away at check-in at 1:00 AM because his or her passport doesnít have enough pages, the airline will refer the traveler to the help desk in Terminal 4. The desk will call me and I will tell the client when to reschedule his or her trip.  Iíll pick up the passport at the airport, be at the Passport Agency when it opens at 7:30 AM and have the passport back to the airport later that same day.Ē 


If someone needs a new passport, a photo can be taken and an application downloaded at the airport.  Depending on the timing, Mr. Alwadish will get the new passport back to the airport, often on the same day.  In the meantime, a client from out of town can store luggage and/or have the Hotel Desk book a hotel room at a discounted rate


The JFK help desk will also function as a Concierge Service, holding for passenger pickup airline tickets, important documents, keys and other items that clients (and travel agents) have left at the Lexington Avenue or Great Neck offices.  Due to heightened airport security, this service was not available to travelers until now. has been expediting passports and visas for movie stars, business executives and the general public for 30 years, earning a reputation for excellent service.  When a steam pipe erupted in front of ItsEasy.comís street-level office in the American Airlines Ticket Center on Lexington Avenue recently, the company had 100 clients scheduled to travel over the next four days, Though absolutely no one was allowed anywhere in the area during those four days, the relentless Mr. Alwadish managed to get into the office every night to make sure clients got their documents. Not one client had to cancel a trip because Lexington Avenue blew up.


The company has 35 full- and part-time employees in New York City and across the country. In addition to passports and visas, Ití can expedite international driving permits as well as birth certificates for New York natives. Its website,, gives advice to others on how to obtain a birth certificate.


For  more  information  about  services  at  JFK  Airport;  360  Lexington Avenue; 1 Cuttermill Road, Great Neck, NY; and across the country; log onto  For immediate service, call 1-866-ITS-EASY (487-3279).

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