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Digital Photo Academy Expands to Italy


Acclaimed James Bond Cinematographer Roberto Schaefer Named as Guide

Roberto Schaefer, the acclaimed cinematographer of films such as 'Finding Neverland,' 'Best in Show,' and the Academy Award-winning 'Monster's Ball,' will lead a special series of Digital Photo Academy (DPA) workshops in Viterbo, Italy, where he shot the most recent James Bond film, 'Quantum of Solace.' Besides being an BAFTA-nominated expert in shadows, exposure, framing, and composition, Schaefer is also well-versed in Italy itself, having shot much of 'Quantum of Solace' there after living in Rome for a decade. Lisa Grootenboer, editor of "The Borgias," a Showtime program starring Jeremy Irons with characters who frequent the walled city of Viterbo, will join him in leading the DPA photo workshop. Viterbo has been preserved in its medieval glory, could even serve as the location for filming of "The Borgias," and is the ideal location for the passionate photographer who is interested in capturing still and moving images.

With the new breed of cameras dominating the market, millions of purchasers are clamoring to learn the nuances of shooting high definition video and stills. DPA, accommodating this demand, has invited its 15,000 alumni to join Schaefer, Grootenboer, and a handful of other lecturers and photo enthusiasts on an eight-day trip to Viterbo from September 16 - 24, where they will cover techniques for both still-photography and high definition video.The workshop will have a maximum of 20 students, guided by 11 staff members.

DPA has arranged private access to a variety of monasteries, churches, country estates, and galleries in Viterbo for the workshops, which will also cover still images, moving images, lighting, composition, photo editing, and post-capture techniques. Free of franchise logos and throngs of tourists. Viterbo's grand cathedrals, pristine gardens and original city wall have been completely preserved and remain in perfect condition. The city, home to the Popes of the 12th and 13th century, is one of Schaefer's favorite shooting locations.

To register, call 877-372-2231 or visit

ABOUT DPA: Digital Photo Academy (DPA), the acclaimed photography workshop program in 25 cities nationwide, offers a series of classes including beginner, intermediate, advanced, understanding composition, and digital manipulation. Workshops teach digital camera owners of various skill levels how to better use their cameras and optimize their digital photography experiences.


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