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Lonely Planet US Staffers Pick 2008 Top Destinations



The Votes Have Been Counted – Find Out What’s Hot!

Lonely Planet Americas employees have submitted their annual votes for the ‘hot’ (as in ‘have to go there!’) destinations for 2008.  In its annual poll, Lonely Planet’s U.S. staffers have chosen USA as the hot travel spot for 2008. Below are the recommendations, along with selected staff comments.

"The USA's vast borders contain unforgettable experiences for all modes of traveler," reasoned one writer. "And let's be honest - the dropping dollar makes it harder to go abroad." "Where to begin?" said another. "America's filled with places famous and unfamiliar. You can easily explore further. Love New York? Check out Brooklyn next time. Blown away by Yosemite? Kings Canyon-Sequoia offers similar vistas, minus the crowds.

Number 2: Mexico: “The US dollar goes a lot farther south of the border," one staffer said: "The beaches are fantastic, but there is something for every traveler: delicious food, pre-Columbian ruins, vibrant markets and festivals, colonial cobble-stoned towns nestled in the mountains," "More World Heritage sites than any other country in the Americas," said one respondent. "Mexico City has great galleries, clubs and restaurants, and Pacific coast places like Ixtapa/Zihuateneajo, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan are where it's at.”

Number 3: Argentina: Consistently one of our staffers' favorite destinations. "I've wanted to go to Argentina from when I saw my first picture of beautiful people dancing the sultry tango on cobbled Buenos Aires streets," said one. "Where else can you experience a cosmopolitan, European feel and still have a few bucks to spare?"

Number 4: Japan: "Go Japan!" declared one enthusiast. "It's the perfect juxtaposition of intense urbanity and natural beauty. Japan has a truly unique, deeply rooted culture, with beautifully refined gardens and incredible food, especially for sushi and noodle lovers."

Number 5-6: another tie, between Canada and India.

Canada: "Great people - not a rotten apple in the place," swore one Canada fan. "The vast play land of mountains, lakes, rivers, fjords, beaches and prairies offers unlimited adventures. It's easy for Americans to travel there, but places like Montreal and the Yukon feel like worlds apart."

India: "I'm lured to India because everything from Himalayan caves to Bollywood films is exotic," noted a staffer. "I'm tantalized by visuals and ancient belief systems. Temples and deities, gurus & yogis, and ashrams, strong scents of spices, tea and incense. And crazy music that puts you in a trance."

The remaining destinations in the top ten were; China, Australia, Spain and France.

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