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TRO TravelGram - May 23



Monday, May 23
Wild life and art in Tasmania 
Once a conservative place, Tasmania is now a hip destination with art as wild as its landscapes... Telegraph (London)

Volcano to village 
On the theatrically beautiful Aeolian Islands are stories of migration and a steamy Hollywood affair ... Sydney Morning Herald 

Between seasons on Martha's Vineyard
The clanging, bustling, door-slamming frenzy of the mainland falls away. Speed limits are obeyed. Slumber is deep... CNN

Tours and Activities
Tips for jaguar spotting in Belize 
Belize's Cockscomb is the only jaguar preserve in the world, 150 square miles of protected rainforest that shelters 200 of the endangered animals... CNN

Take a sleepover safari - in Ohio
Dine by the light of an outdoor fire, sleep in a yurt and wake up for a safari to see antelope, zebras, rhinos, giraffes and camels... USA Today

The new generation of cruising 
The latest wave of ocean liners and riverboats offers Australian holiday-makers unparalleled variety and value, comfort and class...The Australian

Fireworks, Diamonds and a New Cruise Ship: Dame Bassey Christens P&O's Adonia
Fireworks lit up the sky over Southampton last night as 500 guests celebrated the naming of the 30,000-ton, 710-passenger Adonia, P&O Cruises' newest ship...

Man Goes Overboard in English Channel
According to a statement from Celebrity Cruises, the man who went overboard is a 31-year-old Filipino crewmember (and not a passenger as first reported)...

Table for two in first class, please
Aiming to take airplane food where it has never gone before, chef Tony Caunce has transformed a grounded Douglas DC-6 aircraft into a fully functioning restaurant ... Globe and Mail

Schedules expose many pilots to dangerous fatigue
Airlines operate thousands of flights each day that expose pilots to potentially dangerous fatigue, schedule data and the latest research on fatigue shows... USA Today

Five spectacular overwater hut resorts
Life is good when you're in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and even better when you're staying in an overwater bungalow... CNN

Nevada moves closer to allowing gambling inside Las Vegas hotel rooms
What are the odds that Nevada legislators will approve gambling inside Las Vegas hotel rooms? As of Friday, they're higher than they were on Thursday... USA Today

'Ghost ship' Radisson hotel used for salvage
The notoriously empty Radisson hotel in Delaware is finally gaining rave reviews - but not from travelers... USA Today

Other and Odd
Money is biggest stress on vacation, survey shows
Yes, vacations are supposed to be about de-stressing. But there can still be plenty of tension no matter how hard we try to make getaways relaxing...

Iceland volcano ash cloud approaching UK 
Airlines warned that ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano could reach northern Scotland and parts of Britain, France and Spain...Telegraph (London)

365 Guide Tip for the Day
Sales For Travel Agents - Building a Rapport
Every business relationship is built on trust, and travel consulting perhaps more so than most... Travel Research Online

Today in History
The Deaths of Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Barrow, better known as "Bonnie and Clyde" share the same date of death: May 23, 1934...Travel Research Online

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