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Yellowstone to Yukon Conservationion



Dear Y2Y Friend,

For Y2Y, conservation is about the art of connection: connecting the large landscapes that make up the vast mountainous Yellowstone to Yukon region; and the person-to-person and country-to-country connections that lead to lasting success.

This past spring has been a time of powerful connections for Y2Y. We have new program staff in the US, we're expanding our conservation efforts to keep this landscape connected, and we're connecting with new audiences through art exhibits and grassroots interactions.

Our greatest opportunity for success comes from connecting the notion of Y2Y - a vast, interconnected Dwayne Hartycorridor, for wildlife and human communities and cultures - with the way individuals and organizations work together to conserve our heritage.

One way we've found that works is through art. Creativity and culture can be very effective tools for understanding the power of this extraordinary place. With the support of Y2Y, renowned wildlife artist Dwayne Harty took a 3-year journey the length and breadth of the Y2Y region in an effort to capture the beauty and vulnerability of this region.

The results were powerful and beautiful. You can sample Dwayne's artwork and hear stories from his wilderness travel in this three-and-a-half-minute video.

And we invite you to catch up on recent Y2Y news:
Castle Sunset by Gordon Petersen

  • Opening Art Exhibits and Minds: The National Museum of Wildlife Art was packed and buzzing during the opening reception for Yellowstone to Yukon; the Journey of Wildlife and Art. Learn more...

  • New US Director of Conservation: Meet Rebecca Lloyd, who hit the ground running, securing a $50,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for work in the Cabinet-Purcells. Introducing Becca...

  • On the Road for the Flathead Valley: Y2Y's Ivy Smith will spend the summer at music festivals, farmers' markets, and in stores in Calgary and Waterton, raising awareness for the Flathead. Learn more.

  • International Pressure to Protect the Castle: This spring, chainsaws will shatter the solitude of the spectacular Castle watershed of southwestern Alberta unless individuals and groups, including the Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative (CCCI), can stop proposed logging. Read more...

  • Make Way for the Pronghorns: The "Path of the Pronghorn" is one of the longest large-mammal migrations remaining in North America. But development, roads, and fences threaten to close it off. Y2Y recently awarded a Partner Grantto the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance to further their collaborative work to smooth the way for the pronghorn.Learn more...
  • Upcoming Events: Join us in Grand Teton National Park, at the Draper Museum in Cody, Wyoming, this month, or on the Peace River in July. Click here.

From the start, Y2Y has been about connections. Wild landscapes and creatures, people and cultures, and communities working together. We hope you are inspired to stay connected, with us and with the land and animals that we are privileged to be working for. As always, feel free to email me with your thoughts or questions.

Yours in conservation,

Rob Buffler
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