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TURTLESNew York - June 30, 2011: Breaking previous records, the staff at &Beyond's Mnemba Island has discovered 39, and counting, endangered green turtle nests in 2011. A mere 10 miles in circumference, Mnemba Island is not only the epitome of understated luxury, but is also home to a number of conservation coups that have had a profound impact on three specific animal species - green sea turtles, Zanzibari suni (native deer species) and Ader's duikers (the rarest antelope species in Africa).

"&Beyond Mnemba Island Lodge is the only marine lodge in the company's portfolio and one of the smallest in terms of guest numbers. By contrast, the benefits of its conservation measures and successes are substantial - and far-reaching," says &Beyond's Group Conservation Manager, Les Carlisle. 

mnembaMnemba is one of only two protected nesting sites in Zanzibar for the endangered green turtle. Last year, teams recorded 45 nests and supervised the hatching of approximately 3,150 baby turtles. 

In 2005, five Ader's duikers were introduced to the Island. Working with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), employees at Mnemba are working to increase the global population, which is estimated at just 300 to 600 remaining in the wild.

Zanzibari suni breed unhindered on Mnemba Island, due to the absence of predators, and annual relocations to Jozani National Park that take place on the mainland. In January 2011, a record 96 suni were relocated to Jozani. 

The staff at &Beyond Mnemba Island Lodge also host conservation lessons for school children from mainland Zanzibar every year. Their day on the island includes lessons about the importance of coral reefs and snorkeling lessons, which give many of the children their first glimpse of the amazing ecosystem of which they are the future custodians.

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About &Beyond 
&Beyond owns and operates more than 35 extraordinary lodges and camps in Africa and India's wilderness hot spots. The company is also one of Africa's leading inbound tour operators, designing luxury safaris and personalized travel itineraries in 16 African countries, and India. Established in 1991, &Beyond delights guests in order to make a difference; its commitment to sustainable responsible travel and community empowerment is world renowned.


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