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TRO TravelGram - July 21


Thursday, July 21
Essential Montreal Travel Guide
French street signs, chic boutiques and 17th-century buildings mingle in Montreal...

5 fun things for families in Flagstaff
There's more to the state than cactus and heat, and the Grand Canyon is hardly the only place worth visiting this time of year...Yahoo Travel News

Chocoholic Hershey, Pa. still sweet as ever
After more than a century, the town that chocolate built still makes its namesake confection and remains a candy lover's nirvana... LA Times

Tours and Activities
NY superhero tour is geared to the geeks among us
This two-hour walk is about traditional comic superheroes: Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, the Green Lantern, Superman...Yahoo Travel News

8 gnarly adventures that will make teens grin
Keeping teens happy during a family vacation is key to ensuring everyone else has a good time while traveling...

Playboy picks the USA's best late-night bars 
"After Midnight," from the magazine's editors, is a best-of collection of late-night watering holes... USA Today

Something to sing about on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad
In summer, some excursions in the Rockies of south-central Colorado include a concert in a mountain meadow amphitheater...LA Times

Report: 'Extensive Refit' Planned for Carnival Destiny
The vessel has been surpassed in size and in style, but a reported upcoming makeover may well return it to

New Ways to Cruise in Asia
Life Resorts has launched a 22-junk fleet in Halong Bay in Vietnam-a welcome addition given the somewhat dodgy operators around the area... Travel and Leisure

The case against code share flights
When a U.S. airline and its foreign partner each sell seats on the same flight, it's called a "code share" The result is that passengers are ping-ponged back and forth between the two airlines whenever any problem crops up ... Budget Travel Online

House moves toward showdown with Senate on FAA
The House moved Wednesday toward a showdown with the Senate that could result in a shutdown of portions of the Federal Aviation Administration and the furlough of about 4,000 workers... Yahoo Travel News

First-class dining arrives at airports around the world
In these days of budget flights and travel for all, airports are no longer the hermetically-sealed Sno-Globes of "Mad Men"-style glamor...

Highlands retreat suits to a tee 
Accommodation at the new Gibraltar Hotel Bowral is indeed grand in scale, reflecting every aspect of this contemporary establishment... The Australian

What Not to Do at a Hotel
Hotel hazards from falling windows to sky-high hidden fees lurk beyond the lobby...

Trend Alert: Hotels for Star-Gazers
Here, three hotels that are reaching for the sky with new ways to stargaze... Travel and Leisure

Glory restored in London with St. Pancras renovation
The St. Pancras hotel, closed in 1935, reopened this spring as the St. Pancras Renaissance... LA Times

Other and Odd
Heat Wave Fosters Toxic Algae in Touristy Lakes
A prolonged heat wave in the central U.S. has fostered the growth of a dangerous form of algae in lakes and ponds, threatening swimmers and livestock and scaring away tourists during the busy summer season... Travel and Leisure

More foreigners head to Czech Republic for facelifts
More foreigners are traveling to the Czech Republic for breast enlargements and facelifts as the economic crisis drives the search for cheaper cosmetic surgery, tourism officials said ... Yahoo Travel News

How hackers are scamming for frequent flyer miles
Online criminals want your bank account data. They want your email passwords and your Social Security number and your IP address and your phone number. And now, they're going after a new type of currency: f
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