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10 Great Travel Gifts Under $25—And Shipping is Free


New York, NY, November 1, 2011—It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts, not to mention the hostess gifts needed at this time of year. To please friends who like to travel, consider these affordable holiday presents gathered by TravelSmart Newsletter, whose staff has tested them all.  Note that shipping is free, gift cards are free, gift wrapping costs only $3,  and all can be returned for a complete refund.

1.      DOCUMENT ORGANIZER.  Make going through security easy and error-free. Hang your passport, boarding pass, etc. around your neck and free your hands for tending to carry-on, computer and coat. Comes with a pen. $10.

2.      CLEAR MONEY CLIP. Two-part, lightweight, see-through clip contains no metal but holds up to 30 bills, 6 credit cards and 20 business cards. Fits in shirt pocket. $12.

3.      SMART JEWELRY CASE.  Black, teal or silver two-sided case with foam lining keeps necklaces tangle-free and has compartments for earrings, pins, watches. Measures 9½ x 4¼ inches. $21.

4.      SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS.  Handsome shakers are humidity-free and never open accidentally.  Perfect for picnics, boating, camping or eating take-out in your hotel room. $16.

5.     DELUXE PILL ORGANIZER. It weights only 4 oz, has 9 removable compartments, measures just 7¾ inches and keeps your meds and vitamins organized when you travel. $11.95.

6.      MICRO LUGGAGE SCALE.  Weigh luggage at home so you won’t be charged outrageous overweight fees. At 3 oz, 3¾ inches long, it’s one of the world’s smallest scales, but weighs up to 110 lbs.  $24.95.

7.      LAUNDRY DUFFLE.  Charming cotton laundry bag has old-fashioned design and hand-stitched edging and keeps your dirty clothes separated from your clean.  Measures 16½ x 9½ inches. $19.95

8.      PAPER SHOWER.  Stay clean 24/7 even when there’s no water. Each pack has 1 wet towel (with soap, aloe vera and Vitamin E)  and 1 dry towel. Perfect for campers, travelers and times when water is shut off at home. $12 for 6 packs.

9.      PALM PURSE.  Pink or blue wallet-size pickpocket-proof purse has 2 zippered pouches that hold cash, credit cards, keys, lipstick, small cell phone.  Hold it in your palm, wrap the stretch Velcro strap around your wrist, or put your middle finger through the fabric loop. $7.95.

10. THE GÜRDLE.  A one-click strap that attaches your laptop, briefcase or tote to your wheelie bag for walking around the airport.  Wrapped around your checked bag, you’ll be able to spot it quickly on the baggage carrousel. Blue, green or pink. $21.95.

And, of course, a perfect holiday gift for travelers is a subscription to TravelSmart.  $39..


To see all 60-plus gift items and get a free sample issue of TravelSmart, visit Please place orders online or at 800-327-3633.


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