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TRO TravelGram: Nov 9



Wednesday, November 9
Your guide to British Columbia
Readers offer their tips, recommendations and travel advice for British Columbia in Canada... Telegraph (London)

Speakeasies, sushi and Woody Allen
As there is a seemingly limitless number of songs written about NYC, there are also limitless options for fun... Globe and Mail

Explore an unexpected Southeast Asian city
Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, hums with

Boston, Free and Easy (and Campus-Oriented)
With dozens of college campuses, Boston has an abundance of free (or practically free) events, from lectures to concerts to soccer games. And they are not just for students... New York Times

Tours and Activities
Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Opens in New York City
As the Dead Sea vies for a spot as one of the New7Wonders of Nature, the biggest archeological discovery it yielded has settled into a temporary new home... Travel and Leisure

'Luxury gun lounge' to open in Las Vegas
Craps is not all you shoot in Las Vegas... USA Today

SeaWorld expansion aimed at keeping Orlando No. 1 
Tuesday's announcement of the biggest expansion in the park's nearly 40-year history comes at a boom time for the Orlando area... USA Today

Egypt to Reopen Lower Nile for Two-Week River Cruises
Egypt's tourism authority announced that the river Nile will be opened up for the resumption of the "long Nile cruise," the full 14-day voyage all the way from Cairo to Aswan...

New Carnival sailings out of Port Canaveral begin this week
The Carnival Ecstasy brought a potential $50 million-a-year economic impact for the Space Coast... USA Today

Private jet business prepares to take off
Flying in a private jet used to be the ultimate status symbol, but the recession completely knocked the wind out of the industry -- until now... CNN

Best and worst airlines for flight delays
If you gear up for a delay each time you fly, you're savvy indeed...

Where to stay in Lanzarote 
The best Lanzarote hotels... Telegraph (London)

 Fairmont experiments with cruise-like meal plan
A first for any Fairmont hotel, this particular Fairmont is testing a food-and-drink package that lets luxury customers pay one price for one of their biggest - and most unpredictable - expenses... USA Today

Other and Odd
'Tis the season for family travel horror stories 
Although many of us are still working through the bottomless pit of Halloween candy, it's hard not to start worrying about holiday travel plans - and the inevitable headaches that entails ... Globe and Mail

Top travel trends revealed at World Travel Market
Consumers are more and more willing to book trips without knowing where they are going, according to new research from Euromonitor... Yahoo Travel News

365 Guide Tip for the Day
The 5 Most Important Customer Service Rules: Educate Them
Client retention is a big part of marketing, certainly as important as client acquisition... Travel Research Online

Today in History
The Berlin Wall 
Revolution was in the air, but this time, the sentiment was for the West... Travel Research Online


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