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Time’s Running Out for Canada’s Polar Bears


Time’s Running Out for Canada’s Polar Bears… And For You to See Them

VANCOUVER, January 24, 2008 – Next fall could be your last chance to see polar bears, the Kings of the North, in their natural habitat. Canada’s polar bears are facing never before seen threats, with global warming reducing their natural habitat. A few years ago travelers could easily spot these great creatures, but their numbers are dwindling and sightseeing opportunities are becoming fewer.

In order to ensure your chance at spotting these great creatures in the wild, it’s necessary to book now for next fall’s polar bear vacations, with most packages already more than half full and the future uncertain.

“There are few accessible travel experiences where you truly feel “in the wild”… Coming face to face with polar bears in Churchill is one of them,” says John Parker, CEO Fresh Tracks Travel. “It would be a shame to postpone one of the world’s greatest wildlife experiences until it’s too late.”

In late October and early November each year, hundreds of thousand-plus pound bears will make their way to Churchill, Manitoba. Congregating in large numbers on the frozen tundra, the polar bears will meet, spar, and wait for the freeze-up of Hudson Bay – their feeding grounds for the coming months.

For wildlife lovers, photographers, and adventurous families, these few weeks are the perfect opportunity to spot the huge animals in the wild. With Fresh Tracks’ polar bear packages, travelers can go one step further and actually live amongst the bears on specially-designed tundra buggies.

This has been an annual phenomenon for years, but with the advent of global warming, Hudson Bay is freezing later, and the ice is becoming thinner. There is only so long that the bears can wait to feed, and ultimately many will test the ice, slip into the water, and, unable to return to land, drown. Naturalists are recognizing this as a real threat and the mammals' future in the wild is becoming uncertain.

Whether travelers have just a few days to spare, or want to include days among the polar bears with longer rail trips through the snowy north, don’t delay the opportunity to travel north to appreciate these great creatures in the wild.

Fresh Tracks has been selling these unique vacations for over 10 years, and offers a full range of polar bears vacations online at Canada Polar Bears to suit all time restraints and budgets.

These trips are more than half-full for the 2008 fall season -- this is not a trip to put off.


Fresh Tracks Travel specializes in helping every-day people travel independently off the beaten path with unique vacation packages to Canada, Alaska, Australia, and New Zealand through Fresh Tracks and Canada Polar Bears.

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