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TRO TravelGram: Dec 1



Thursday, December 1
Planning a Trip to Egypt
Egypt's political situation isn't stopping intrepid travelers from embarking on camel treks or diving in the Red

Five Hot Holiday Destinations
There is a significant rise in travel to vacation destinations this holiday season... USA Today

Oakland Gets a New 'There'
The Uptown neighborhood, just north of downtown, abandoned and plagued with crime just a few years ago, now bustles with hip bars and interesting restaurants... New York Times

Tours and Activities
The Best Holiday Shopping Destinations
Discover our list of favorite holiday shopping destinations for travelers...

Nothing says the holidays like ... lighted tractor parades?
Dazzling lights strung on farm vehicles has become a tradition in towns with a strong agri-centric ethic... LA Times

Oceania Jumps On All-You-Can-Drink Booze Bandwagon
Oceania Cruises will become the latest line to offer its passengers controversial all-you-can-drink cocktail packages...

World's largest cruise ship still at a premium
A year after its debut, the 225,282-ton vessel and its slightly older sister, Oasis of the Seas -- the world's largest cruise ships -- continue to command significant price premiums ... USA Today

UK airports run smoothly despite strikes
Those traveling to Britain had experienced minimal disruption to their journeys as a result of border control staff striking... CNN

DOT looks at bad weather plans for air travel
Federal officials are studying ways to better spread information about diverting planes in bad weather to avoid stranding aircraft...USA Today

Push to expand private TSA baggage screeners
As complaints swirl around the Transportation Security Administration, some airports and lawmakers want to hire private baggage screeners under a program the TSA administrator is reluctant to expand... USA Today

Hotels in Unlikely Places
Hotels are popping up in spaces once used for other purposes...Yahoo Travel News

Airlines Cut Back, Hotels Step In
To ease the way for harried travelers, hotels are adding services, from wardrobe storage to airport concierges... New York Times

Hotel Check-In to launch hotel data feature
Tomorrow, Hotel Check-In will kick off a regular feature that digs into those questions using data analysis from hotel tracker TravelClick... USA Today

Other and Odd
Do we need an international travel bill of rights?
The swimming-pool death of an 8-year-old Illinois boy at a Mexican resort has inspired proposed legislation to require disclosures about dangers and health hazards at vacation properties booked by online travel agencies... Seattle Times

Are Chinas hotel rooms bugged?
What could have been a dull security conference in Canada yesterday turned into a pretty interesting one when a former diplomat discussed how the Chinese government gets at foreign political targets and high-profile business people... USA Today

365 Guide Tip for the Day
A 2012 Marketing Plan - Understanding Goals and Objectives
The terms Objectives and Goals are both important in building a marketing plan, but differing experts and schools use these terms in varied ways... Travel Research Online

Today in History
The Last TWA Flight 
On this day in 2001, Trans World Airlines Flight 220 landed in St. Louis International Airport ending 71 years of TWA operations...Travel Research Online

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