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Traditional Tibetan Prayer Wheel Spins Out Wisdom and Well Being on iPhone App


Travel to Tibet through an iPhone app called A Poetic Universe, that delivers wisdoms matched to beautiful images accessed by spinning a digital prayer wheel.

Typically constructed from metal or wood, prayer wheels are cylinders on spindles fixed to the walls of Buddhist monasteries throughout the Himalaya. Tibetan Buddhists circumnambulating these monasteries spin the prayer-wheels to assist their meditations and their journey to enlightenment. Inscribed on the prayer wheel is the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum -  meaning bless the wisdom in the teachings of the Buddha.
On journeys to Holy Mountains pilgrims carry a portable version – a wheel on a stick with a small weight attached by a chain to offset the wheel and help it spin. 
There are water-driven wheels, wind-wheels, electronic and digital wheels. Increasingly popular in the West, the traditional prayer wheel has now also  been adapted into an iPhone app called A Poetic Universe. 
Users swipe their thumb clockwise across the iPhone screen to set the wheel spinning. Wisdom is direct and arrives as a photo matched to an inspiring quote once the wheel has slowed.
Poetic Universe is an art piece, as much about a photographic journey across Tibet as it is about a portable prayer wheel.  It features more than 300 photographs  by travel photographer Bruce Foreman who has travelled to Tibet eight times over the last twelve years. The carefully matched quotes are non-religious, inspirational, and perspective shifting, sourced from poets, rock-stars, sages, philosophers, writers and artists all around the world.
Search for poetic Universe Prayer Wheel in the iTunes store or click on the following link:
Or watch a video preview on youtube: 

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