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TRO TravelGram: Dec 6



Tuesday, December 6
Portland: city of the future 
If you want to see how a metropolis of the 2020s might look, head to Portland, Ore., a city two steps in front of the rest of North America that is quietly shaping the urban future in the same way that Florence once shaped the Renaissance... Globe and Mail

Fall under St. Petersburg's spell 
St. Petersburg is a city that confounds expectations... Globe and Mail

The Waimea Valley Reveals Its Secrets
The valley, in Hawaii, is home to thousands of acres of tropical rain forest, as well as archaeological finds... New York Times

Tours and Activities
Skiing: Europe vs North America
Snow may only just be arriving across the Alps, but it is a different story on the other side of the Atlantic... Telegraph (London)

America's Most-Visited Shopping Malls
For most Americans, it's just not the holidays without a mall visit...Yahoo Travel News

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in the Virgin Islands
Better than boating or diving, paddle boarding is a 360-degree experience, with vistas of land and sea all around... New York Times

'Wonderful Life' still reels in tourists
Although the film's cozy setting was actually an RKO soundstage in Encino, Calif., the real-life mill town of Seneca Falls, N.Y. happily milks its resemblance to fictional Bedford Falls with an annual December celebration... USA Today

Norwegian cruises guide
The Norwegian fjords offer a unique cruising experience for lovers of nature and wild scenery... Telegraph (London)

Reading the vague fine print on cruise transfers
A qualified travel agent can help avoid surprises and headaches

Royal Caribbean unveils dining plans
Royal Caribbean has unveiled new dinner packages that will trim the cost of eating out on four of its ships... USA Today

Share a car in Paris
Paris, in its latest bid to be an innovator of the City of Tomorrow, is launching an electric car-sharing program to cut air and noise pollution on the city's medieval cobblestone streets and beyond...Seattle Times

Fly Pittsburgh to Philly for $698
Right now, $118 will buy you a roundtrip ticket on the 45-minute US Airways jaunt from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. Starting on Jan. 8, the price of that same ticket will skyrocket to $698, according to price data on the airlines website... CNN

Paris's best budget hotels
The best Paris hotels for under £200... Telegraph (London)

For the perfect video gamer's hotel, head to Paris 
It's being promoted as the room of the future by the Accor hotel chain. Room 3120 at the Hotel Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse in Paris was designed jointly with Microsoft... Globe and Mail

Trendy Mondrian hotel to open in London
The small but growing Mondrian boutique hotel chain plans to open its first location in Europe in London... USA Today

Other and Odd
Five grenades found in checked bag at Newark Airport 
The grenades, determined to be inert, were discovered on Saturday in the bag of a Belgium-bound passenger who surrendered the items... The Australian

Airport worker fired after refusing to load dog
Airport baggage handler Lynn Jones saw the sad look on the listless, emaciated dog sitting in a pet carrier and knew something was wrong...

365 Guide Tip for the Day
A 2012 Marketing Plan: The Tactical Array
The list of possible tactics a travel consultant might employ building their business can be long and, at times, overwhelming... Travel Research Online

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