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The Passage To Africa safari guide blog is filled with descriptions, pictures and video of outback adventure in the bush, but sometimes the wild can be surprisingly civilized. Michael Lorentz, a bush lifer, reports amazing encounters with an elephant family that came by for dinner recently.



Photo (L-R): Managing Partner and safari specialist Michael Lorentz and elephants at Mfuwe Lodge


I’m constantly grateful to the numerous trackers who shared their legendary bush skills with me, particularly a San gentleman called Vet Piet who could read the landscape like a newspaper.  

A lot of the time, the real story of the bush is hidden in tiny details: a bent piece of grass, or the imprint left by a swirl of dust that shows where a predator has struck.

But sometimes you don’t even have to leave your lodge to find African wildlife in the flesh.

At Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley at this time of year, a family of elephants pass the reception desk on their way through the lobby to get to the fruits of a wild mango tree in the lodge’s grounds.

It’s an astonishing sight — and fortunately unique. So I don’t think it’ll put us professional trackers out of business just yet.

A PASSION FOR AFRICA:  About Michael Lorentz
Michael Lorentz is passionate about wildlife, the wilderness and elephants in particular. Many share this feeling and have joined Michael on safari, often walking with a herd of African elephants through Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Michael started his bush career in South Africa’s Timbavati Game reserve in 1985 and soon moved to Botswana, becoming Assistant General Manager of the well-known safari company, Gametrackers. After many years of guiding professionally, he established his own business consulting in ecotourism and training guides. Then in 1991 he met Randall J Moore who had successfully returned elephants from zoos around the world back to the wilds of Africa. Together they formed and built Elephant Back Safaris. They tendered and won the lease for an enormous concession in the Okavango Delta, half a million acres! Over the next nine years Elephant Back Safaris gained an extraordinary reputa
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