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TRO TravelGram: Jan 12



Thursday, January 12
Winter surprises at Niagara Falls
While the vast majority of tourists visit in the summer, they certainly miss out on Niagara's cold-weather riches...

Traveler's Guide: Festive Spain
Whether it's flinging ripe tomatoes at each other or burning political effigies, the Spanish know how to party... The Independent

The world's weirdest destination
It has a reputation as being "forbidden" to travelers... Sydney Morning Herald 

Warming Up Short Days and Long Nights in Iceland
In Iceland, nature rules... New York Times

Tours and Activities
Flea Markets: Unearthing History Amid the Junk 
Flea markets hold more anthropological than commercial appeal ...Conde Nast Traveler

Saddle up and see the world 
A horse-riding holiday puts you at the heart of the action... The Independent

Golden Gate Bridge Festival and more mark landmark's 75th year
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco turns 75 this year with a birthday bash festival over Memorial Day weekend, a new visitor center and new guided tours... LA Times

Passengers Sue Thomson Cruises Over Smelly Ship
Unhappy passengers who sailed on Thomson Cruises' flagship, Thomson Dream, nearly two years ago are taking legal action against the cruise line because of unpleasant smells and poor hygiene...

Top cruise destinations for 2012
The results are based on Cruise Holidays' 2011 bookings and from a survey of more than 100 of the agency's top cruise consultants...USA Today

Silversea Cruises adding 11 new ports in 2013
Luxury line Silversea has announced big plans for 2013, adding 11 new ports across the globe from Quebec to Kiribati... USA Today

US Airways, pilots agree to halt lawsuit
US Airways and U.S. Airline Pilots Association have agreed to end a lawsuit that the airline filed over an alleged work slowdown... USA Today

Flying families may have to pay extra to sit together
With airlines charging extra for more and more seats in coach, some families who want to sit together in the cheap seats can find themselves scattered about...

Pilot explains crosswinds landing
Air travel is one of the safest ways to get around, but once in a while you see something that reminds you why so many people are phobic about getting into a flying metal tube... CNN

Flight logjam 'hits UK' 
The chief executive of Heathrow's owner, BAA, has warned that Britain is "handing over on a plate the UK's historic trade advantages to European competitors" due to a lack of airport capacity... The Independent

Chic Eco-Retreats in the Caribbean
A selection of hotels--some laughably affordable, others seriously expensive--that share a certain sensibility... Conde Nast Traveler

Asia's new backpacker mecca
For $6 a night, discover a different kind of island escape in Laos...Sydney Morning Herald 

Can you rate hotel service based on geography?
Where in the world are you most likely to experience the best service in a hotel? It's an interesting idea for a survey ... USA Today

Other and Odd
Winter Travel Tips
Winter weather can cause flights delays and travel

YouTube captures airport official's bad behavior
A Thai customs official has been demoted over a YouTube video that shows him hitting an airport security officer while refusing to be patted down... USA Today

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