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TRO TravelGram: Feb 10



Friday, February 10
15 Most Romantic Places to Kiss Around the World
Fold up the picnic blanket, cancel your dinner reservation, ditch the back row of the neighborhood movie theater... Conde Nast Traveler

St. Barts: Have celebrities killed the romance here? 
Tiny Saint Barthelemy, the belle laureate of the French West Indies, has drawn the world's social elite for generations, maintaining its cachet through constant reinvention ... Globe and Mail

Extend that Rocky Mountain high in Denver 
In the Highlands, where Tejon Street and 30th Avenue meet, fluorescent white tubes illuminate the word Linger, overlooking downtown Denver, back east across the South Platte River... Globe and Mail

36 Hours: Penang, Malaysia
Smart restaurants, a lively art scene and a spate of new boutique hotels: There's more to this exotic island than its famous noodle soup... New York Times

Tours and Activities
Venice Carnival: How to Escape the Crowds Like a Local
During Venice's annual carnival St. Mark's Square will be especially packed with visitors decked out in costume... Conde Nast Traveler

10 great places to get drenched in chocolate
Across the country, artisan chocolatiers and candy factories alike are gearing up for a sweet holiday... USA Today

East Coast gets its first Biggest Loser Resort
Shuffle off to the Buffalo area and lose some weight... USA Today

Cruise industry sets new safety drill policy
Every vacationer boarding a cruise ship will receive a safety briefing before the vessel sets sail under a new industry-wide policy... USA Today

Another Carnival ship gets adults-only area
Yet another Carnival cruise ship has been upgraded to have an adults-only retreat on one of its top decks... USA Today

5 reasons to care about new FAA law 
For the first time since 2007, after 23 extensions, Congress has finally passed a long-term funding bill for the FAA... CNN

More airports to use 'trusted traveler' screening
Tens of thousands of hurried passengers trying to check in at some of the busiest U.S. airports could soon find themselves in the fast lane... CNN

Frontier Airlines adds five new cities
Frontier Airlines is adding service to five new destinations... USA Today

8 Great Historic Inns of America
Historic hotels are hard to beat... Conde Nast Traveler

Smoke-free megaresort to open in Atlantic City
A $2.4 billion glass and steel Boardwalk megaresort in Atlantic City will open earlier than expected and unlike its competitors will be smoke-free... USA Today

Cigar bars make comeback in luxury hotels
Forbes has spotted a small trend in luxury hotels... USA Today

Other and Odd
Police strike in Rio, bringing fears for Carnival
Cops, firefighters, prison guards walk out over pay despite decision to give them a 39 percent raise...

U.S. State Department warning maps out unsafe areas of Mexico
The U.S. State Department issued a new state-by-state warning for travelers to Mexico that details the more violent areas of the country... LA Times

365 Guide Tip for the Day
Facebook Posts to Avoid!
This week we have reviewed a variety of Facebook posts you can use to engage your readers more fully... Travel Research Online

Press Releases of Interest
Blue Sky Tours Dollar Rent A Car Exclusive
Blue Sky Tours, one of the travel industry's leading Hawai'i wholesale companies, is offering up to 33% off a Dollar Rent A Car... Travel Research Online

Today in History
The Twenty-fifth Amendment Ratified 
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