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Authentic Eats: The Top Six Must-Try Chinese Dishes in Richmond, British Columbia



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Authentic Eats: The Top Six Must-Try Chinese Dishes in Richmond, British Columbia


From casual Hong Kong-style cafes to traditionally ornate dining rooms, Richmond offers a true taste of the Far East on the West Coast

Richmond, BC, Canada  – With a population that’s 65 per cent Asian and with the largest proportion of Canadian residents of Chinese ancestry (45 per cent), Richmond is THE North American Mecca for Asian cuisine. Declared by everyone from the New York Times to Conde Nast Traveler as having “the best Chinese food outside of China,” freshly-prepared dim sum, frothy bubble tea, flaky pasties and steaming bowls of congee await at every corner. Richmond’s bustling city centre, dubbed the Golden Village, is Canada’s most vibrant Asian community and the best place to indulge in this award-winning Chinese fare. From vast food courts in Hong Kong-style shopping centers to strip mall hole-in-the-walls, there’s never a shortage of gastronomic gems to discover. Also within this one-of-a-kind district resides the famed Alexandra Road, locally dubbed 'Wai Sek Kai' or 'Food Street', where 200-plus Asian eateries have organically sprouted within a three-block radius. With such numerous dining options, navigating Richmond’s rich culinary scene can sometimes prove a daunting task for first-time visitors, so we’re listing the city’s top six (a lucky number in Chinese culture) signature dishes to help get visitors started:

1) Xiao Long Bao

These plump little dumplings are widely considered a pivotal dish within Shanghainese cuisine and their careful preparation culturally represents the packaging of luck. A Chinese New Year staple, be careful not to pop these pork dumplings directly into your mouth – they are full of a hot, juicy “soup.”   The broth within these steamed delights comes from a meat aspic filling that melts with heat. To properly consume xiao long bao, take a small bite out of the side of the dumpling first and then suck out all the remaining juices before biting in.

Where to get itSuhang Restaurant and Shanghai River are both beloved Shanghai-style eateries with succulent xiao long bao offerings. And the modern Dinesty Chinese Restaurant recently snagged top honours for their soup dumplings at the local Chinese Restaurant Awards.

2) Chinese BBQ

It’s a big no-no to leave Richmond without sampling some of the meaty morsels on offer from the city’s specialty butcher and grocery stores. Succulent cuts of pork, beef and poultry are tantalizingly displayed every which way you look, usually ordered freshly chopped and taken home to be served alongside steamed rice.

Where to get it: Aberdeen Meat and BBQ in Parker Place, one of Richmond’s three major Asian malls, is renowned for its crispy roast pork. Upon stopping by for a taste last autumn, Los Angeles-based food writer/photographer Matt Armendariz called the butcher shop the“happiest place on earth.” Just be prepared for a bit of a wait – around 5 p.m., there’s a queue of locals outside the door. 

3) Hot Pot

A sort of Chinese variation on stew, diners choose from an assortment of veggies and meat, cooking everything in a large pot of boiling broth. A cozy and intimate experience, hot pot meals are served in a communal style, with everyone around the table using the same pot of soup base. Popular as an all-you-can-eat dining option around Richmond, platefuls of items like frozen tofu, seaweed, mussels, taro root, cuttlefish balls and sliced pork jowl are brought out in abundance. Lovers of spice should sample the Szechuan soup base - laden with anise, peppercorn and red chili peppers, it packs plenty of punch.

Where to get it: "Food Street" (a.k.a. Alexandra Road) is the best place to head for big portions at small prices – try Claypot Hot PotCattle Hot Pot or So Hot So Pot.

4) Har Gow

These traditional shrimp dumplings are a staple orde
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