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TRO Travelgram: April 30



Monday, April 30
Heavenly Hawaii: Dos and don'ts
Read on for a Hawaii primer... CNN

Like it hot? Dive into the perennially cool Palm Springs 
Get a taste of mid-century Palm Springs... Globe and Mail

36 Hours in East London
Diverse shops, ethnic restaurants and cutting-edge clubs combine to produce the city's trendiest area... New York Times

Bratislava, Slovakia: A velvety visit to old city with new touches
A visitor encounters a centuries-old castle, whimsical street art, a performance of 'Carmen', Old Town cafes and pop music-loving locals... LA Times

Tours and Activities
The world's most popular theme parks 
Walt Disney World and Universal Studios drawing enormous crowds. But other major theme parks have emerged to rival the American mainstays... Fox Travel News

Tour the world's largest bat colony - at night 
As the sun sets, bats emerge from the cave in search of insects, forming a cloud so dense it shows up on airport radar... Globe and Mail

Good times in La.: Famed music festivals booming
When Hurricane Katrina scattered New Orleans residents and its musicians across the country, many wondered if the best days of New Orleans music had drowned with the city... USA Today

Fire destroys luxury American Safari Cruises vessel
Fire destroyed an adventure tour boat being prepared for the Alaska cruise season Friday at Fishermen's Terminal... USA Today

Australian billionaire to build new Titanic
An Australian billionaire said Monday he'll build a high-tech replica of the Titanic at a Chinese shipyard... USA Today

Heathrow wait to enter Britain 'unacceptable' 
With the Olympics looming, MPs fear delays are damaging airport's reputation among tourists .. The Independent

America's worst airports
Outdated infrastructure, overcrowding, chronic delays, and demoralized staff... Yahoo Travel News

Hotel marketing vs reality
The following images reveal how some hotels fail to live up to the appearance on their websites... Telegraph (London)

Starwood CEO: Luxury 'on cusp of a Golden Age' 
Newly wealthy leisure travelers around the world are craving luxury... USA Today

The Hotel Sacher in Vienna, Austria, has old-school charms
At first glance, Hotel Sacher seems removed from its glory days. But then the Blaue Bar and the lavish decor grow on you. And there's also the Sacher torte... LA Times

Other and Odd
Cautionary tales of death in the Grand Canyon
The most common cause of death in the canyon and one cause of death that's never been repeated... Seattle Times

Dutch court upholds ban on tourists buying pot
Law targets foreigners who visit the Nethertlands for its relaxed rules ...

365 Guide Tip for the Day
Shoestring Nooses - Marketing on a Budget for Travel Agents
I often encounter a mindset that sees marketing as an expense. I suppose from the perspective of an accountant, that is absolutely accurate... Travel Research Online

Today in History
George Washington Takes Office 
On this date in 1789, George Washington took the oath of office at Federal Hall in New York City to become the first president of the United States... Travel Research Online
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