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TRO Travelgram: July 24



Tuesday, July 24
Thailand: dream destination or nightmare?
Three deaths are the latest in a tumult of violence and intrigue to shake tourism in postcard-perfect Thailand, raising questions over whether it is squandering a prized asset by failing to protect travellers arriving in record numbers... Sydney Morning Herald 

Trail of the unexpected: Essaouira, Morocco
This relaxed port city is full of rhythm. Linda Cookson heard it ... all along the watchtower... The Independent

Crazy Kiev: strumpet city, solemn city, summer city
I was sitting in the champagne bar of the hotel when I finally caught the baffling spirit of Kiev... Globe and Mail

Tours and Activities
Tea time in London: 3 modern teahouses
Forget staid scones. Go to the right London spot, and you're more likely to be served green-tea-infused scones or tea-smoked salmon squares with Japanese yuzu mayonnaise... CNN

London's World Heritage Sites: 5 ways to escape the Games
There is culture of a different kind than is seen at the Olympic games to be found too -- in the form of London's World Heritage Sites... CNN

The 10 best lobster shacks in Maine
Up and down Maine's 3,500-mile coastline lie dozens of weathered cedar-shingle shacks, awning-covered take-out windows and freestanding seasonal restaurants where the menu revolves around a single ingredient: lobster...

Sharp Increase in Northern Europe Cruises
Cruises to northern Europe have seen a sharp rise this year with the overall number of ‘cool water cruises' predicted to be up by 16 per cent compared to 2011...

Viking River Cruises orders two more ships
The rapid expansion at Viking River Cruises is getting even more rapid... USA Today

Cruise ship review: Holland America's Statendam
Overall, the reviewer enjoyed the experience on Statendam, noting the modestly sized vessel offers "a good compromise between the budget mass-market cruise companies and the pricy premium brands."... USA Today

Southwest joins as airlines raise fares on most U.S. routes
A three-month break from airfare increases has ended, with Southwest Airlines raising fares by $4 to $10 round trip on most routes inside the U.S... USA Today

Companies balk at reimbursing employees for airline fees
Fewer companies are willing to pay extra fees airlines keep tacking on, leaving employees to not check bags or order in-flight food, or to pay for the services themselves... USA Today

JetBlue, Virgin America add 'elite' perks for top fliers
Low-cost carriers JetBlue and Virgin America each announced Monday that they are adding perks for elite members of their frequent-flier programs... USA Today

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside, in comfort 
This decadent B&B lures visitors to North Yorkshire – and there's free homemade cake, too... The Independent

Top 10 U.S. cities with highest share of luxury hotel rooms
Think you know your luxury hotel markets in the USA? Well, come and test your knowledge on Hotel Check-In... USA Today

Other and Odd
Ask the Captain: What is discussed in pre-flight briefings?
Pilots review many items prior to every flight. Frequent destinations become familiar quickly and this makes it easier... USA Today

Why we no longer feel rested after taking a vacation
If it seems like vacations aren't as rejuvenating as they used to be, maybe it's because more people are spending more time working when they're off the clock. Or so say a couple of new polls... USA Today

365 Guide Tip for the Day
Public Relations Tactics – Buy Local!
You have seen the bumper stickers and the decals in store windows in your local community: Buy Local! You cannot miss the current trend urging people to buy from local businesses and to invest consumer dollars into their own communities... Travel Research Online

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