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Prominent Primates




Ever heard the phrase “800 pound gorilla”? Indeed, the powerful presence of

encountering a mountain gorilla a few feet away from you has a way of making people seem small. Yet safari guide Michael Lorentz has been back to see these curious creatures 25 odd times — and would do it again, even if he only had five days left on earth. 


Congo Travel Special:  Gorilla Trek 


The highlight of my trip to Virunga National Park was this encounter with mountain gorillas. I've always said that if I only had five days left on earth, I'd spend one of them trekking gorillas.


I must have done 25 odd gorilla treks and this was among 

the best experiences I've ever had.


We spent time with two family groups of 7 gorillas, with three silverbacks in each.  There's something about a 500 pound

silverback coming up and sitting six feet away from you.           


Underneath their powerful sacral chest, you could see a pair of brown eyes looking at you with a curiosity that shades into indifference.  No doubt about it, in gorilla terms we're tiny and insignificant.


The viewing groups are small — only four visitors at a time.  So there's a special intimacy.  And tourists here are still a welcome novelty. The baby gorillas in particul
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