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Tall ship Niagara to be college classroom


For three weeks this summer, 20 college students will live, study and work on the sailing ship U.S. Brig Niagara, a replica of a historic, two-masted warship, as it plies a course across the Great Lakes. It's part of an innovative course being introduced by the University of Pittsburgh.
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George Washington really slept here


When George Washington took up arms against Britain's King George, accepting a commission as commander in chief of the upstart American army in 1775. , he was risking everyone he loved and everything he had created over the previous 20 years. It was all wrapped up in Mount Vernon, the 5,000-acre plantation had already been in the Washington family for more than a century.
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The origins of Mount Vernon


The original 3,000 acres draped over several hillsides along the Potomac River's western shore near Little Hunting Creek had been in the Washington family since it was acquired by George's great- grandfather, John Washington, in 1674.
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All power to the passengers


With more travelers increasingly dependent on a variety of personal electronic devices , access to electric power becomes ever more important.
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Weekly US Airways e-Savers make comeback


US Airways has reinstituted its weekly e-Saver fares to domestic and international destinations.
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Some cold prescriptions when you're flying


Flying with a cold is never pleasant, but travel doesn't make allowances for such ailments. Here's a collection of basic remedies to consider if you find yourself taking a clogged head and runny nose to the airport.
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Williamsburg's re-creations offer authentic look at Colonial era


Since its founding eight decades ago, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has pioneered the fine arts of historic restoration and interpretation, breathing new life into the past.
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Whatever happened to nonstop L.A. flights?


On average, making a connection adds two to four hours to a one-way trip from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. In addition to the extra time, connecting flights greatly increase the odds of misdirected checked luggage and mid-trip delays.
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Getting a bird's-eye view of any place on Earth


Map-reading travelers know that gaining a high perspective is an important element in finding your way around places, both familiar and strange.
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Jamestown prepares to celebrate a milestone


North America's first permanent English settlement is almost 400 years old
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Culturally, Santa Fe doesn't trail at all


Although this sprawling settlement hosts more than a million visitors a year, it's still a place where blue jeans and cowboy boots can be worn everywhere, from flea markets to the finest restaurants.
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La Pousada has a most gracious ghost


Though located just two blocks from the Plaza, La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa feels like a private enclave. Its 157 guest rooms are fitted into six acres in an array of ochre-colored casas and casitas, no two of which are alike. Now an upscale resort and spa, the property has a history as colorful as Santa Fe itself.
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Relax and enjoy the trip


These days, we find ourselves leaving for the airport earlier than ever, and perhaps also more aware of potential problems that might arise.
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Traveling tips for diabetics


Changes in airplane security regulations have complicated travel for all fliers, but for the millions of Americans who require regular medicine for ailments such as diabetes, the limitations on carrying liquids on-board can present a luggage quandary.
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Around the world with Nellie Bly


Early on the morning of Nov. 14, 1889, a 25-year-old woman embarked on a journey that would capture the world's attention in a way no traveler had ever done.
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Who deserves the credit for credit cards?


References to credit cards date to 1890, when some European merchants offered them as perks to their better customers. But credit for the world's first broad-use charge account goes to Frank McNamara, a New York businessman.
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Suggestions for holiday departures, arrivals


The next seven weeks will be the busiest travel time of the year, as Americans head somewhere for the holidays.
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Private retreat on Andros is a sliver of paradise


Kamalame Cay is a private island retreat on a 96-acre slip of sand off Andros' northeast coast, offers three miles of beautiful beach fronted by crystal-clear ocean.
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Bahamas' Andros hooks travelers looking for sport, relaxation


The largest of Bahamas' 700 islands, Andros is mostly wilderness with precious little in the way of modern tourism amenities, but plenty of peace and unadulterated nature.

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Daylight saving: The dawn of darkness (and some confusion)


Hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep this morning, because for the next four months, most of us will be going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.
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Must US Airways practice its hard-sell pitches on a captive audience?


Is it really necessary for US Airways to huckster credit cards on its flights?
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Re-acquainting with jet lag


Until Pittsburgh International manages to attract or induce a major airline to once again offer nonstop trans-Atlantic service, area travelers should be prepared to put up with more severe effects of jet lag.
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Rev up the search engine for these travel sites


A host of excellent online-only e-zines and e-letters have sprung up to fan travel fantasies. Here's a short selection of sites of particular interest.
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Beware of buying duty-free liquor


If you can't pack it in your checked bags, don't bother
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Use Web to rent a vacation home


For many travelers, renting a house, cottage, condo or apartment by a beach, ski slope, resort or a major city can make an affordable, roomy alternative to spending a week or two in a hotel.
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