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Mounting Mesa Verde:


In a high point of Stone Age culture 
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Walk, don't run to the nearest exit in a hotel fire


After a spate of deadly hotel fires in the 1980s, Congress passed the Hotel and Motel Safety Act of 1990.
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Some stately stays in English manors


Britain-bound travelers who crave unusual accommodations, take note. The Sceptered Isles have many treasures to offer
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Channel Surfing


Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney, these islands that bristle out of the English Channel off the coast of Normandy like epaulets on France's Atlantic shoulder, are certainly a place apart.
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Seeing Pittsburgh as others see us


Pittsburgh's reputation is on the rise; the buzz is building.
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Some key considerations for car rentals


A case of missing keys could once be solved with a visit from a local locksmith, who could open the vehicle and cut a new key. No longer.
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Tripidation: the final chapter


On a snowy evening while waiting for our US Airways flight to leave Dorval Airport in Montreal, I went looking for someone to answer questions
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A short history of fools


Talk about a double whammy. In addition to losing an hour's sleep to daylight-saving time, there are all those silly jokes.
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Mr. Letchworth's grand gorge


Though dwarfed in size and reputation by the mighty Niagara, the falls of the Genesee River are a place of inspiration and legend, not to mention magnificent beauty.
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A desert 30,000 feet in the air


Most travelers will agree that they find the artificial atmosphere on an airplane to be considerably less than natural or comfortable.
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For the benefit of future generations


Barely six weeks into the Bush administration, the battle lines have been drawn between those who would develop natural resources of great tracts of America that have been set aside as wilderness preserves and those who want them to remain forever wild.
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Windjamming adventures


In the centuries before steam engines, schooners were workhorses of the Western Atlantic. Some were designed primarily to sail the open sea.
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Travel editor eats crow


I was recounting how my "trip-idations" -- the pre-trip worries I'd expressed earlier about the uncertainties of travel -- had come true.
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Traveling with trip-idation


As I write this column on Wednesday afternoon, I'm sorting through the final details for a short trip I'll be taking with my family
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Embracing culture shock opens you up to the world


The best journeys are often those that dismantle travelers' entrenched beliefs, open their eyes to new perspectives and unveil fresh ways of thinking about life.
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Travel: Vanishing reservations


As a rule, if passengers do not show up for a flight and fail to cancel the reservation, they are considered "no-shows."
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The future of flying and travel


On this eve of a new year, new decade, new century and new millennium, some crystal-ball-gazing is only natural
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'A' is for AirTran


It wasn't quite an inaugural journey, but when we boarded AirTran flight 1504 to LaGuardia in New York City on Dec. 15, it was only the fourth day the low-cost carrier had been offering service out of Pittsburgh.
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Giving gifts around the world


It's not always just the thought that counts. In some places, the ritual of the giving is even more important than the gift.
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A stocking full of tips for Christmas trips


Between travelers taking vacation and those heading home for the holidays, these next three weeks are generally the busiest travel period of the year.
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A world Christmas sampler


Though the broad outlines of the observances are similar, the specifics vary endlessly from country to country.
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Homing in on hosts and houseguests


A few thoughts that may be particularly resonant with anyone spending this morning waiting for Thanksgiving weekend guests to leave.
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Remembering three great journeys


On this day 380 years ago the Pilgrims arrived in the New World.
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Check out the competition


Other than US Airways, seven national airlines operate some 64 nonstop flights in and out of Pittsburgh each day.
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Skiing Old Faithful


Here's a quick reminiscence about one experience that fired that passion; call it my private Yellowstone.
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