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US Airways aims to put doom, gloom behind it


It's no surprise that 2001 was a terrible year financially for US Airways, as it was for all air carriers, buffeted by a weakening economy and temporarily grounded by the events of Sept. 11.
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A guide to reel pleasures


Dropping a line in exotic waters was once a pursuit limited to the wealthy and adventurous, but jet planes and savvy outfitters have made the world of reel possibilities a bit more accessible.
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Two Wrights can't be wrong


Pittsburghers don't have to travel very far to appreciate the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. Indeed, Western Pennsylvania is well-endowed with the Wright stuff.
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Welcome, Mr. Siegel, and good luck to you


Ten days ago, US Airways named David N. Siegel as its president, chief executive officer and board member.
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Islands in the sun


There's a wide divide between reality and a virtual experience. Visiting some place in imagination, whether via books, movies or electronically, is nothing like actually being there.
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Deep in the heart of taxes


Now that fuel prices have fallen by more than half, why do airlines still levy fuel surcharges?
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Let there be snow


Timing and luck are important elements in planning any ski vacation, even when the journey doesn't involve getting on a plane.
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Weather life's tempests with a teapot


For the billions of tea drinkers around the world, the tale of tea makes an interesting story.
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Looking backward, looking forward into the new year


When it comes to travel, this certainly has been a year of enormous change.
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Lady Liberty and Paris pinnacle


It was envisioned as an immense project, a 150.9-foot-high, copper-clad statue of a standing woman clad in flowing robes holding a torch aloft in her right hand and a book in her left.
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A first-class experience


This week, I returned from my first trip since Sept. 11 that involved airline travel. I had harbored no anxieties about airline safety or in-transit hassles
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Training gardens


Model railroading has been popular for almost as long as there have been trains. Electric HO and O gauge layouts have circled Christmas trees for decades, and expansive model train displays still draw crowds to museums and science centers around the country.
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Lodge in village of Val David turns hospitality into an art


At La Sapiniere, the accommodations are not palatial, but each of the guest rooms in the main lodge is unique in size, shape and furnishing.

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Quebec's Laurentians:great skiing with a foreign flavor


Ninety miles north of Montreal, the Laurentians get abundant snow from mid-December to April. If you take the well-plowed, four-lane Autoroute 15, the area is an easy two-hour drive from Dorval Airport.
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Newspapers offer valuable resources through Web sites


Events of the last 8 weeks have elevated anxieties about travel. Whether true or not, the fear that familiar places have changed and unfamiliar places might be unwelcoming or outright hostile to foreign visitors has caused people to postpone or cancel long-planned trips.
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Looking ahead to the euro


The turmoil and uncertainty of the past month notwithstanding, a major new world currency will debut in 11 weeks.
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Making plans for the real millennium's eve


Twelve months ago, the world was in a frenzy as people everywhere were making plans for year-end events they hoped for or feared would happen.
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Falling for Yosemite


1,170 square miles of mostly wilderness beg to be explored
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Renaissance Cruises' sudden close shocks travel industry insiders


The Sept 26 announcement by Renaissance Cruises that it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and immediately ceasing operations came as something of a surprise to many travel industry observers.
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Roaming elk are at home here in Pennsylvania


The largest herd of wild elk east of the Mississippi lies just a few hours' drive northeast of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania's Moshannon State Forest.
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Back in the air, again?


This has been the second-strangest week for American travelers.
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Traveling in tragedy's wake


The incomprehensible, volcanic chain of events that began Tuesday morning have already echoed around the world. Unthinkable terrorism has caused unimaginable destruction, with disruption and loss beyond anyone's calculation.
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Taking Leo to the lake


Like so many other families, ours has acquired an adored canine component.
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Losing a local landmark


You'd better hurry. There's not much time left if you want to take in the best view Pittsburgh has to offer.
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Let's keep things in perspective


The crash and burn of its proposed merger with United Airlines has unleashed a barrage of difficult questions about the future prospects of US Airways.
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