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Places where we're welcomed


Anyone still thinking about planning a trip abroad may be interested in research released recently by the Pew Research Center, which compared the list of the countries we most like to visit with one that shows countries whose populations express favorable opinions of us.
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Quebec City celebrates its festive 400th


One wonders what Samuel de Champlain might have thought about "Espace 400," the multimedia fair where this charming city's 400th anniversary is being celebrated. INCLUDES SPECIAL VIDEO FEATURE
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Checked bag fees add to hassle of flying


Prospects to alleviate the coming gridlock are few.
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Give frequent fliers more reward options


If airlines are going to trumpet their frequent flyer programs and promote the accumulation of mileage by all means possible, they should offer passengers ways to use their miles other than by getting on a plane
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Ruling boosts supplemental oxygen on planes


On May 7, the U.S. Department of Transportation issued rulings that strengthen the Air Carrier Access Act.
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Pack light, come early and bring extra cash


Here's advance warning. If you're flying somewhere this week and checking luggage, be prepared for extra delays.
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Passengers, please fasten your seat belts


American Airlines' decision to ground its fleet was both entirely understandable and a callous and unnecessary judgment emblematic how little regard industry and government have for consumer interests
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Throngs of Norway


From Viking origins to cosmopolitan crowds, Oslo celebrates humanity
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Nonstop flights from PIT


It's no news that flights have been eliminated. Here's where we can still fly without changing planes
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A Shropshire sojourn


To our left, a pair of perfect parabolas arched across the broad green fields, iridescent croquet hoops complete end to end with six bands of color from violet to red.

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St. Maarten blessed with serene beaches


Beach side resort gives whole new meaning to the notion of an airport hotel.

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Duty-free liquids down the drain


At Pittsburgh's airport, incoming international passengers must then pass through a TSA security checkpoint. That's where the liquid restrictions introduced last year can become a trap for the unwary
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Adventurer with purpose


When it comes to appreciating the higher purposes of adventure travel, communicating them to a broad audience and then transforming that interest into action, Richard Bangs has been and continues to be a world-class practitioner.
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Know rules for Caribbean travel


Carrying more than 3 ounces of any liquid in your hand luggage through security is strictly verboten. That  includes fine liquor and expensive perfume.
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We must act now to save U.S. train transportation from extinction


After a half a century of cutthroat competition from the country's highways and skyways, disregard from the federal government and disdain of the traveling public, the U.S. intercity passenger railway system is in tatters.
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Grand Strand play in Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach offers many off-season delights, including temperate weather
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How free is that complimentary ticket?


You have to wonder about the value of any two-for-one ticket deal that winds up costing as much or more than two tickets purchased separately.
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Soon you might not get here from there


International travelers, take heed. On Jan 31, 2008 coming into the United States will become considerably more complicated.
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Japan on her mind


Ruthe Karlin recently had a monthlong adventure in Japan, but even though the 73-year old was traveling alone, her family and friends were with her every step of the way.
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Flights, cruises impose fuel surcharges


With oil prices pushing $100 a barrel and unleaded regular at $3.10 a gallon, no one is surprised to learn that fuel-hungry airlines and cruise companies are also feeling the pinch.
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Early offering for Valentine's Day


Last month AirTran Airways became the first airline to announce new flights from Pittsburgh International in the wake of US Airways plans to slash service early next year.
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Crossing the border


Driving to Canada and Mexico is expected to become more difficult and time-consuming on Jan. 31, 2008, when stricter federal rules requiring proper identification for land crossings are scheduled to take effect
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SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! This short story FIRST published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1976 is clearly fiction, but more than 40 years later, it still rings ironically true.
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Building a better world, one couch at a time


Does the high cost of hotel rooms keep you from traveling? Would you like a place to stay for free? If so, the CouchSurfing Project may be for you.
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Air passengers have few rights


Let's face it. Airline travel these days has many characteristics of a sucker's bet.
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