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What's in store for US Airways in the new year?


As we greet 2003, the future of US Airways continues to be a question of significant interest.
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You've got a friend in Las Vegas


From a sparsely settled desert oasis in 1931 when Nevada legalized gambling, it has become a major modern metropolis, which modestly bills itself as the most entertaining city in the world.
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Cruise bug bites South Park couple


They were looking forward to celebrating their wedding anniversary last weekend with a three-night, round-trip cruise from Miami to Nassau on Carnival Cruise Line's ship "Fascination." But their voyage didn't go as planned.
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Changing money in South America


South America, our hemispheric co-continent which, despite its proximity, doesn't get the tourist attention of Europe and Asia.
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Mex appeal


Train ride through Copper Canyon provides 'Chepe' thrills
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It can be taxing to say goodbye to the Caribbean


The islands of the Caribbean can present travelers with confusion over local customs and bureaucratic regulations. These differences can make a journey to each new island an adventure
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Visions of Grandeur


Grand Canyon: No name could be more fitting, no words to better describe infinity. Beholding it in person is the only way to appreciate its magnificence.
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Enchanting Sedona resort serves up respite


Enchantment Resort in Sedona proved a perfect place for our post-Canyon recovery.
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An alternative arrives from America West


A weak economy and jittery post-9/11 passengers haven't helped competition at Pittsburgh Internastional
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Place-dropping and tale-telling


Telling tales can make travel twice the fun
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Cultural, historical tourism is on rise


Western Pennsylvania's history and culture will be attracting visitors from near and far to explore the bounties with which we are so abundantly endowed
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Dividend Miles valuable in a trying time


Attending the death and funeral of a loved one may be the most painful of the reasons for taking a trip
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Two night trains


Like many travelers with a romantic spot in their hearts for trains, I generally enjoy riding the rails.
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What about US Airways' stockholders?


How about people whose stakes in the company have been rendered valueless by this decision to seek bankruptcy?
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Tourists told to delay trips to Prague


As Eastern European rivers recede after heavy flooding, travelers planning to visit Prague, Czech Republic, are being advised to postpone trips until late August.
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Driving the highways of Europe


Although much of Europe now uses one form of currency, many differences remain among its two dozen nations. Consider rules and regulations of the road, such as speed limits.
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House-sitting and caretaking


A responsible couple to look after your house for a few weeks or months while you're away may be a great idea
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Edinburgh plans August celebrations


The ancient and once-again capital of Scotland, has always ranked high on my list of favorite cities
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Carnegie's summer home returns to glory days


While Andrew Carnegie loved Scotland, he found its cold, rainy climate difficult. Upon the advice of an old friend, he decided to explore the remote area that extended north of Inverness along the North Sea.
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Carnegie's Castle


Private club at Skibo makes the affluent feel at home
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In 1835, industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was born in the industrial town across the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh
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The price of insecurity


Just as the passenger-screening procedures that began in the mid-1970s had virtually eliminated cases of hijacked planes, increased airport vigilance had eliminated airline violence, prior to 9/11
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When catching flights, don't be fashionably late


Tighter airport security these days makes it crucial to leave plenty of time to get to the departure gate. But clearing security is not the only issue. All airlines are also enforcing more stringent check-in procedures
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Meeting visitosr at the arrival gate


Normally, only passengers with tickets for departures are permitted past the security checkpoint in the landside terminal. Is it possible to get special permission to meet someone at the gate?
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Airlines' group rates may make sense


Significant savings may be available if you and at least nine other passengers can travel on the same flight.
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