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Stranded at the airport


It's a risk every air traveler faces. Maybe your return flight gets delayed for hours before being canceled; maybe you're on an incoming flight that arrives too late for you to make the last connection out; maybe a storm shuts down the airport.

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Flying on 9/11 was super-smooth


 The traveling public seems to accept the need for the new rsecurity egulations and believes they do make air travel safer. Most would support stricter measures, including banning carry-on luggage entirely. At least, those were the findings of two recent opinion polls.
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How to avoid travel fraud online


In the largely unregulated World Wide Web, the principle of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) has never been more important. How do you separate the good sites from the bad?
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Appalachian Trail experience invigorates, empowers hiker


On Aug. 20, Greg Baltus became this year's 133rd through-hiker to complete the trail's entire 2,174.6 miles.
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Ecotrips: 'Green' resorts offer choices that make a difference


Too often labels such as "green" and "eco" are marketing tools for properties that only want to cash in on the traveling public's desire for ecological awareness.
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Separating needles from haystacks


To provide passengers with some measure of protection, the TSA has approved special luggage locks distributed by two companies.
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What makes a great vacation?


Maryland's Eastern Shore boasts upscale enclaves around St. Michaels, but the quiet but distinct charms of Kent County are a wonderful surprise.
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Rules for carry-on luggage tightened


Anyone planning to fly anywhere in the near future should be aware of these baggage restrictions and pack accordingly.
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Best, worst airports for connections


In air travel, as in life, it pays to have good connections.
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The knowledge of power


Electricity is not served the same way everywhere. Whether you're packing a travel iron, a computer or an iPod, you must be aware that the type of current, voltage levels and wall plugs vary dramatically in different places. This can be frustrating, costly, even dangerous for the unprepared.
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Travel agents give virtuoso performance


Even in this electronic age when anyone with an Internet connection can access computer systems worldwide to research destinations, compare travel options, make reservations and coordinate a host of other details from the comfort of home, most trips are still arranged by travel agents.
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A school for soaring


The "College of Soaring Knowledge" is the oldest and most active gliding facility in the nation, with some 150 members. Located on a high brow on the range of hills that defines the Chemung River valley, the site provides a perfect launch point for sail planes.
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Storm warnings: Preparedness is the key in hurricane season


Be prepared to deal with whichever way the wind blows.
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There's more than one way to fill a plane


Airlines experiment with ways different from the familiar back-to-front system
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New airport services promises to pamper your car while you're away


Starting on or about July 1, travelers who park at Pittsburgh International Airport can have a variety of car care and maintenance procedures performed while they're away.
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A safer form of plastic?


With identity theft and credit card fraud making headlines these days, travelers are on high alert when it comes to financial transactions. Here's one way to relieve the stress: prepaid card accounts.
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'Professional' traveler Holman undertook adventures fearlessly


'A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History's Greatest Traveler' by Jason Roberts
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The School of Rocks


On This fFixed climbing route in West Virginia, cables and carabiners helps the not-so-adventurous enjoy the sport of rock climbing.
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New dividends at US Airways


US Airways has unveiled new looks for its Web site and Dividend Miles program, both of which reflect the influence of its merger with America West, even though both carriers will continue to function independently until next year.
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Getting the rail back into rail-trail


A little train service would make this bike trail buzz. 
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Have mother, will travel


Where does an interest in travel come from? The urge for exploring new places, strolling unfamiliar streets, sampling exotic cuisines, hearing different languages, filling in blank spaces on one's personal map of the world?

In my case, the answer is easy: I always credit my mother.

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Travel discounts drying up for senior citizens


Many airlines have all but erased such terms as "senior citizen" and "golden-ager" from their lexicons.

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Ohio earthen embankments evidence of sophisticated ancient culture


The circular earthen embankment abutting state Route 79 isn't particularly awesome. But consider this: created nearly 2,000 years ago, it is among the oldest man-made structures in North America.
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Two air passengers spread the mumps


Over the past five weeks, the Midwest has experienced the nation's worst epidemic of mumps in almost 20 years. The first cases surfaced in Iowa, followed quickly by outbreaks in Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin. So far, nearly 1,000 people have been stricken, and at least nine required hospitalization.
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Flying SkyHigh


SkyHigh Airlines, is the low-cost carrier that claims to pursue "Excellence Through Compromise"  
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